Employment why do you elude me…

So the job I went on THREE interviews for decided to go with other people.  I officially realize I suck. You want to know why? They were looking for a group of FIFTEEN people and I couldn’t even get selected.  Of course when I got the phone call because I was devastated, but then I just sucked it up.  It was an awesome company and an awesome position, however long term, it meant nothing to me.  I really want to be a teacher but because of financial reasons, I can’t get the certification.  Hence the job search.  At this point, I actually willing to work anywhere…ANYWHERE!!!!  That’s a dangerous thing you know.  I wondered for the longest what I was suppose to do with my life after I finished school.  Lo and behold, I discovered I wanted to teach.  Except for one step, I’ve pretty much did all the work required for the CE…but that one step is a big one.  I can’t sub because that certification cost money that I don’t have as well…(every damn thing requires money…uugghhh.) During my job search, I found a substitute position in a near by school district and of course I can’t even think about applying to it.  It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit but pulling it away as soon as it goes reaches the yummy treat.  I’m just going to keep on trying because that’s all I can do.  One day things are going to look up for me.


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